What makes Terri’s harmonica playing unique? What is OYOU? What’s up with her affinity for goats? Why are women musicians never compared to male musicians—and vice versa? Why is self-esteem important? What has been the financial and physical impact of her epilepsy? What insight has Terri learned from being a DIY artist? All this and more on today’s episode of Studio of the Future with Terri Hendrix!

We discuss why women musicians are never compared to male musicians; why self-esteem is important; the financial impact of her epilepsy and what she’s learned about it as a condition; how the music industry has changed, her harmonica, social causes and more.


Terri has provided signed CDs to support the Sanford Community Center.

All proceeds are tax deductible and 100% go to benefit renovations through the Palacios Community Coalition (501c3) toward the Sanford Community Center.

Contact your Studio of the Future Host, Sara Hickman, at for more information!

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