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Episode 7: Terri Hendrix – Studio of the Future


What makes Terri’s harmonica playing unique? What is OYOU? What’s up with her affinity for goats? Why are women musicians never compared to male musicians—and vice versa? Why is self-esteem important? What has been the financial and physical impact of her epilepsy? What insight has Terri learned from being a DIY artist? All this and more on today’s episode of Studio of the Future with Terri Hendrix!

We discuss why women musicians are never compared to male musicians; why self-esteem is important; the financial impact of her epilepsy and what she’s learned about it as a condition; how the music industry has changed, her harmonica, social causes and more.


Terri has provided signed CDs to support the Sanford Community Center.

All proceeds are tax deductible and 100% go to benefit renovations through the Palacios Community Coalition (501c3) toward the Sanford Community Center.

Contact your Studio of the Future Host, Sara Hickman, at for more information!

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