Episode 9: Dan Bullock and Forrest Preece

What two Austin icons have been movers and shakers for decades in politics, philanthropy, and writing? Which one was in a band that opened for the Beatles? Which one survived the 1966 UT Tower shooting? What’s the connection between two other Texas treasures: Liz Carpenter and the storied journalist’s watering hole, the Headliner’s Club? Whose grandfather started the first Austin hotel? Why did hogs upset the French litigation? Whose other grandfather was a Union spy? All this and more on today’s episode of Studio of the Future!

Episode 8: Juli Berwald

Why were jellyfish sent to space? How are jellyfish and pancakes related? Can jellyfish shut down electric plants? What is the G Force of a stinging cell? What are jellyfish warning humanity in their quiet, mysterious ways? With an engaging enthusiasm for jellyfish, author Juli Berwald shares answers to these questions and more on this episode of Studio of the Future!

Episode 7: Terri Hendrix

What makes Terri’s harmonica playing unique? What is OYOU? What’s up with her affinity for goats? Why are women musicians never compared to male musicians—and vice versa? Why is self-esteem important? What has been the financial and physical impact of her epilepsy? What insight has Terri learned from being a DIY artist? All this and more on today’s episode of Studio of the Future with Terri Hendrix!

Episode 6: Peter Bay

Maestro Peter Bay has appeared with seventy-five different orchestras around the globe including the National, Chicago, Houston, Bochum (Germany), as well as the Lithuanian and Ecuadorian National Symphonies, and the Theater Chamber Players of the Kennedy Center.

Episode 5: Truth Be Told

Who designed our prison systems and does it matter? What is unique about Truth Be Told and the programs it brings to incarcerated women? Who has a lower recidivism rate: Truth Be Told or the state of Texas? What is a facilitator? How much does TBT save Texans in tax dollars every year? How likely are children of incarcerated mothers to become incarcerated later in life themselves? What is the quilt project? Our guests answer these questions and more inside this episode of Studio of the Future.

Episode 4: Sarah Bird

How does Sarah Bird keep her characters from sounding typical? What is her association with offbeat rodeos? What was she pushing away? What’s her latest book about? Where can you see an almost life size hologram of her? What symbiotic and once in a lifetime event occurs at the end of her interview? Join Sarah Bird in this upbeat romp through her life… and more.

Episode 3: Eliza Gilkyson

What causes Eliza Gilkyson to create a song? What sage advice did her grandmother share about Eliza’s future? What are her thoughts about the state of the music industry, crowdfunding, patriarchy, politics, family and religion? Listen in for this tender, fierce and jubilant conversation between Eliza and Sara.

Episode 2: Senator Kirk Watson

Does he need a haircut? What woman influenced him the most? What has he learned about innovation? Is his favorite film “Galaxy Quest?” What would Ann Richards do about Trump? Why the resistance must have results, the #metoo movement, his legislative efforts and more.

Episode 1: Ron English

Ron shares his thoughts on everything from street art to appearing on Morton Downey Jr. (and why he didn’t get beaten up). We also discuss jail, how licensing well-known characters is very different in Asia to his meeting Trump (and what Trump asked him.) Plus his first encounter with crayons, his powerful poster for the Obama campaign and more.

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